Alejandro Amat Payá

Telecommunications and Computer Science Student at CFIS, UPC

Barcelona, Spain

+34 657 966 269

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Hi, I'm Alejandro Amat. A 23 year old Telecommunications and Computer Science Engineer from CFIS,UPC (Interdisciplinary Higher Education Center from Polytechnic University of Catalonia). Currently a Visitor Researcher at Carnegie Mellon University.

- Carnegie Mellon University

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
02/2024 - present

  • Visiting scholar at Carnegie Mellon Robotic's Institute pursuing my Electrical and Computer Science Thesis working on real-time Inverse Rendering through Automatic diifferentiation with Slang shader language. Under the supervision of dr. Fernando de la Torre and Francisco Vicente at the Human Sensing Lab. Granted wtih 3 scolarships to cover expenses : Erasmus+, Mobint & CFIS

- Double Degree Program (CFIS, UPC)

Bcn, Spain
2019 - 2024

  • CFIS is a center of excellence of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) created to recruit, select and tutor students with sufficient capacity and motivation to pursue interdisciplinary studies that include two of the degrees that make up the UPC offer.

Bachelor's Degree in Telecommunication Technologies and Services Engineering (ETSETB, UPC)

  • Major in Signal Processing
  • 10 honours: Audio Processing, Data Transmission, Electronic Functions and Systems, Vectorial Calculus, Introduction to Electronics, Mobile Communications, Advanced Engineering Project, Multimedia Codification, Advanced Operating Systems & Object Oriented Programming.
  • 8.02 / 10 Mark Transcript
  • Award to the 6th best student from the 2024 class (Top 2%) Diploma
  • Relevant coursework: Artificial Inteligence, Image Processing, Audio Processing, Communication Technologies, Probability and Statistics, Telematic Networks & Data Transmission, Electromagnetism & Radiation, Electronics & Digital Systems

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering (FIB, UPC)

  • Major in Information Technologies
  • Relevant Coursework: Graphics & Interfaces, Operating Systems, Cryptography & Computer Security, Network Protocols, Computer Architecture, Algorythms & Data Structures, Software Architectures

- Escola Betània-Patmos

Bcn, Spain
2013 - 2019

  • Technological Baccalaureate
  • 9,03 / 10

- Oak House British School

Bcn, Spain
2004 - 2013

  • Award to the best student of the Promotion (+30 honours/year)

- Unity VR developer.

Bcn, Spain
12/2023 - present

IESE University

  • Working for IESE developing a Virtual Reality application in Unity using the GoogleCardboard SDK in collaboration with Victor Martínez de Albéñiz
  • Immersive "Gustav Klimt" museum experience while tracking position, rotation and ray casted interactions and storing the data in Google Firestore.
  • Optimising immersion by using ray casted interactions, immersive audio, physical to virtual displacement computations and realistic model rendering & lighting.
  • Movement Detection with sensor fusion (accelerometer + gyroscope) and relative GPS trajectory inclusion.
  • Android and Ios versions available at Apple Store and Google Play. Web Browser & MacOs/Windows executables at link

- VR/XR Researcher. AI Driven Systems.

Bcn, Spain
05/2023 - 12/2023

i2cat Foundation

  • Developing real-time 3D Imaging algorithms using MIMO FMCW mmWave radar systems through optimal positioning of Intelligent reflective surfaces & Neural Network architectures. Optimizaton of SNR/coverage homogeneity around UE and image reconstruction.
  • Working under the guidance of dr. Filip Lemic and dr. Xavier Costa, scientific director in the lab.
  • Paper under submission: "Real-time Location-based Utilization of IRSs for mmWave Sensing in Multiuser 6G Networks".
  • Developed a Matlab VR 3D imaging and SNR FMWC signal simulator. Github

- Big Data Analyst

Bcn, Spain
05/2022 - 09/2022

Mango (Punto FA)

  • Managing the Incoming data from various corporative sources and ingesting it into Mango's Cloud Infrastucture while developing Software with Pyspark, Dbt , MySQL and Python for the Data Layer's manipulation.
  • CI/CD development with Jenkins and Automatization Processes with Airflow.
  • AWS (EC2, Airflow, S3, Lambda, Sagemaker), Docker & Git.
  • Developed a Python library to connect to DataBricks Server from any interface.
  • Working under the supervision of Daniel Gómez.

- IT Developer

Bcn, Spain
09/2020 - 04/2021


  • Developed A Fully-responsive Web Client with Javascript, Html, Css and Wordpress.
  • Website: IndaJoyas

- Game Developer

Bcn, Spain
2018 - xxxx


  • Developing 2D and 3D local games (PC & Mobile) with Unity Engine and C#
  • 3D modelling with Blender
  • More information about Games in Projects section

Awards & Honours

  • Telecommunications 6th Best student of the 2019/2020 class (2020) Diploma
  • Best promotion student at Oak House British School (2013)
  • Destacable result at the 2017 "Proves Cangur " Competition (2017) Diploma
  • Classification to the second fase of "Fem Matemàtiques " competition (2014) Diploma
  • Acceptance to the CFIS program


  • Spanish: Native
  • English: C1 (CAE), 2019
  • Catalan: Native
  • German: Basic


Technical Skills

  • Programming Skills (Languages, Libraries & Software): C++, Matlab, Python, HTML, Java, C, JavaScript, C#, R, CSS, Ruby, MySQL , PySpark, x86, OpenGL, Node.js, NetBeans, Git, IntelliJ, Atom, Bash, PHP, Arduino, Qt, Unity3D, UnrealEngine, AWS, Airflow, DataBricks, Sc-kit & Pandas.
  • Skills of Interest: Image and Audio processing, Computer Security, Data transmission and communications, Network protocols, Electronics & Digital Systems, Operating Systems, Machine learning, Data Science, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Graphics and Visualization, Accelerators & GPUs, Parallel Computing, Data Centers, Mobile communications, Multimedia Compression & Codification, Game Development, Software Engineering, System administration , Web Development, Blockchain, 5G Wireless Imaging & Localization & Computer Architectures.

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Critical thinking & Under-Pressure Resolution
  • Strong communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork-Driven
  • Easy-Going
  • Enthusiastic towards learning


Inverse Rendering With Slang (Thesis--To Do)


Virtual Museum Unity App (To Do)


HP Python Package




AI Animal Tracking App (To Do)


3d Imaging Radar Simulator (To Do)


Skin Tone Detector


Finger Detector


Client-Server Moodle App Project (To Do)


Operating System Kernel Implementation


Audio Processing Tasks (To Do)


Computer Security Projects (To Do)